Part 1 Of The Series

It can be made using every day tools that most people who do work around the house would have. By using many surplus items the cost is kept down. The robot's arm can lift over a 2 lb. object from the floor to 3 ft. 4 in. in the air, so the arm can put objects onto tables. So if you are tired of reading about robots that can only lift a ping pong ball a few inchs in the air then read on. In this tutorial I hope to give you tips that can be used on other robot projects as well.

Most of the parts used in this robot came from the "Lentek" robotic vac. This vac was a gold mine of robotic parts. I got a 14.4 volt battery, motors with gearbox, drive wheels, power transformer, remote control, H bridges, I.R. leds, photo transistors and etc.

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