Building A 52 INCH Robot With Arm

Mounting The Motors To The Rail

Cut a 3/4" thick piece of wood 4 11/16" by 3 14/16" I used a 5/8" drill bit for the holes in the motor's base. The longer hole was made by drilling holes then using a file to shape them. A better way would be to use a saw blade to shape the hole. The round holes are apart 3 2/16" center hole to center hole. The round hole to square hole is about 1 19/32" center hole to center hole.

Attach the reel to the motors (one motor is modified) and the motors to the motor base. Wired the motors (remember to reverse the leads to one motor) to a 6 volt battery just to test everything is working. Now take the reel and motors off the motor's base. Next cut a 1 1/2" thick piece of wood 3 3/16" by 3 14/16". Using two # 6 drywall screws attach the wood block to the under side on the motor base 1/2" from the left edge. Drill two pilot holes thru the rail into the block. Attach the rail to the block using two # 6 drywall screws. Now put the reel and motors back but this time glue the motors to the motor's base.

Take the monofilament line and make sure that the line runs in front of the reel. Pull it down straight to the roller assembly that is on the rail. Where the line touch the roller assembly drill a hole thru the side and screw in a 2" # 6 drywall screw. Tie the line to this screw.

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