Building A 52 INCH Robot With Arm

Working On The Bottom Of The Main Base

Remember the main base will hold one modified motor and one unchanged motor. In the photo the motor with the small box next to it is the modified motor. The box is used to cover the encoder wheel, I.R. led and photo transistor. Nail and glue the motor base to the main base. Again I used 1 5/8 in. panel nails. On the other side of the main base cut off the end of the nails that stick out.

I know in most robots the rear caster wheel is a small little thing that may not even swivel. DO NOT USE THAT TYPE! I am all for saving money when building a robot but do not do it on this part. The robot will not be able to go from wood floor surface to the rug. It will not turn well and will take more power. I used a 3 in. swivel ball bearing caster. Mount the caster so that when the caster wheel turns it will not go pass the rear of the base. I mounted mine 1 6/16 in. from the rear. The type of screw I used was a #6 "drywall screw". Again cut off the end of the screws that stick out.

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