Building A 52 INCH Robot With Arm

Working On The Top Of The Main Base

Now it is the time to glue the cardboard to the top of the main base. Cut open the large cereal box and glue the glossy side down using "Contact Cement". Wait until dry then trim.

Check to see if your large cereal box matches the size cereal box I am using if not then you will have to use some other materials. The small side of the box is 3 1/4" wide, the large side is 11 10/16" long.

PLEASE SEE PHOTOS BEFORE STARTING THIS PART. Cut open two large cereal boxes. Cut off the bottom and top flaps on the cereal boxes. Cut along the seams of one cereal box. Glue those pieces on to the other cereal box glossy side facing glossy side. Wait to dry before using.

Cut 2 pieces of 3/4" thick wood 8 3/16" by 3 2/16". We will use this wood as the 2 walls to the box we are building on the top of the main base. Place and glue one piece in the middle of the base, 14/16" from the rear of the base. The 2nd piece goes 10 2/16" from the 1st piece. This is going to form the box which is 10 2/16" long on the inside. When the glue is dry nail the 2 pieces of wood in place from the bottom of the base using "Panel nails". I like to drill a small pilot for the nail 1st.

Now take the cardboard we glued together and used that as the long walls and top of the box. Glue one side to the ends of the two pieces of wood and to the main base. The other side needs to be trim so that it can fold to make the other side of the long box wall. DO NOT GLUE THIS SIDE.

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