How To Radio Control Servos Cheaply

The Features Of The Servo Controller

This controller chip can control up to six servos. It can control them by receiving a serial command from another microcontroller. You can also radio control the servos thru a "Vex" receiver.

You can radio control the "VEX" servos and motors as well as many other brands of servos by setting the pulse width range on the servo controller chip.

The servo controller chip also gives you an option of what to do if your robot goes out of radio control range or if you turn the transmitter off.

It can center the servos to the normal postion or it can put a high on the servo's input signal lead thereby turning the motor in the servo off.

If you are using another microcontroller, the servo controller will take commands from that microcontroller while still monitoring for a radio signal. Once a radio signal has been detected; the servo controller lets the radio control to take over again.

The "VEX" microcontroller turns the "VEX" servo all the way to the left or right while the button was pressed and then back to the center when the button was released.
This didn't seem to me to be very useful. With my servo controller. The servo slowly turns while the button is pressed. When the servo is in the postion you want, release the button and the servo remains in that postion. This would allow you to do something like raise the robot's arm to where you want it then free your hands so that you can control another joint.

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