How To Radio Control Servos Cheaply

What Is A "VEX"?

For the people who don't know what a "VEX" is. It is a company that sells robotic parts and kits. They sell a "VEX" transmitter and receiver on their site for $129.99 but you can get a "VEX" transmitter and receiver here and many other places for much less.

The "VEX" transmitter is a 6 channel FM transmitter with 2 joysticks that can go up & down and from side to side. On the backside of the transmitter there are 4 buttons which control channel 5 and channel 6. The transmitter controls can be set to tank-style or arcade-style. The transmitter has a host of other features.

This makes it a very cheap way to remote control servos. The only problem is that you need to buy an expensive $149.99 "VEX" microcontroller. That is until now!

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