How To Radio Control Servos Cheaply

How To Hook Up A Microcontroller To The Servo Controller Chip

Your microcontroller if you are using one can communicate with the servo controller chip over 2 wires. Pin 12 on the servo controller chip is the input for the serial data. The baud rate is set for 19200 8 data bits and 1 stop bit.

Pin 9 on the servo controller chip is a output pin. When it goes high it tells the other microcontroller that it can send the next servo command.

Pin 2 on the Interface Chip is an output pin. If this pin goes high a data error has been detected. Check your baud rate setting on the other microcontroller. Check to see that the other microcontroller is only sending commands 1 - 6 to the servo controller chip. The power must be turn off or reset done to clear this pin.

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