How To Radio Control Servos Cheaply

Pin Summary

Input Pins

Pin 1     If it goes low it does a rest (MCLR)
Pin 16   From "VEX" receiver
Pin 12   Serial input from another microcontroller
Pin 17   Option, pulse width of 1.5 ms or high
Pin 20   Ground to chip
Pin 1     + voltage to chip
Pin 19   Connect to + voltage
Pin 18   Connect to + voltage
Pin 3     Option, servo pulse range
Pin 11   Option servo pulse range

Output Pins

Pin 9     When high tells the other microcontroller it can send the next command
Pin 2     Goes high if a command error has been detected
Pin 10   Spare
Pin 13   Spare
Pin 15   Servo 1 pulse output
Pin 14   Servo 2 pulse output
Pin 7     Servo 3 pulse output
Pin 6     Servo 4 pulse output
Pin 5     Servo 5 pulse output
Pin 8     Servo 6 pulse output

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